Friday, April 29, 2011

Five Minute Friday

Yay!  It's Five Minute Friday again, and I'm participating!

The rules?  Write for 5 minutes without stopping to edit or correct.

Today's topic?  If I knew I could, I would...



If I knew I could, I would take back this evening and replay it.  It was not one of our better ones.  I hate it when you go out to eat somewhere and anticipate a great time and then something goes wrong that makes it NOT a great time and then you are stuck there and you have spent the money to do it.  Then the money is gone out of the budget and you know that you have to wait a month before you have the opportunity to go out again.

That happened tonight.

We went out and Gabriel threw up EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And the service was so slow and they mixed up Elizabeth's order....

And this was Elizabeth's birthday outing.  We may just have to reallocate something in the budget to go out again sooner than a month from now.  (Sometimes I am so TIRED of living on such a tight budget...but I know it will pay off in the end!)

But other than that, I think that if I knew I could I would stay home with my kids.  If I didn't have to work all day every day, I would stay home with them.

Also, if I knew I could, I would go into DC and try to do something to fix the immigration issues so that all of my family could get all of their documents fixed and there would be no more worries about that and everyone could be where they most need to be when they most need to be there.

I also would like to reach out to my friends and travel the world with my family to visit them all in their places.  They have come to see me, and now I want to have a turn to see them there!

And lastly, if I could, I would fix the relationship that is so wrong inside my mom , dad and sister.  I would reach right into all of our hearts and find the button of forgiveness and acceptance and push it so hard and so fast that everyone's hair would turn!

But I would not change who I am, nor where I am nor how I got here. I am in the place that I need to be in the time that I need to be here because this is where God chose to place me and He is blessing me fully while I am here!


Wow!  That was a fast 5 mins...let's see what fell out of my head today!  (I hope it's better than what fell out of Gabriel's tummy this evening!)


  1. Oh! I think that your aspirations were BEAUTIFUL...truly. You want your family to be happy, your friends/family to be close, your family to walk in forgiveness, and to travel the world with them. It's lovely! I am sorry that you had such a yucky outing tonight!

  2. I wish you could fix all those things, especially the immigration stuff. My family is lucky--my parents naturalized, one of my brothers is in the process and my other brother is considering it. We have it relatively easy though being from Australia. Blessings!

  3. Poor kid. Throwing up = no fun for the family. And I agree w/ your budget concern too. It's a daily practice for me to take paul's advice and be content. Not that I would go out buying diamonds but like you what's small to other families like going out to eat all the time could make our life difficult. And the pushing buttons inside of people was awesome too. I wish this often! People have no clue how precious and priceless our time really is and how temporary things are. I don't get it.those harboring hard feelings from unfinished business...doesn't make sense for how they rationalize how its worth it.
    Thank you so much for coming tonight. And leaving such a nice comment! Come back anytime :)
    {tara} from Undeserving Grace

  4. ah yes, all of it, especially the immigration stuff too.

  5. Love your thoughts. Especially the forgiveness part. I think most of us have a lot of broken people that we know. The greatest gift we can give anyone is forgiveness. It is also the hardest gift to give.

  6. This makes me want to take you all out for dinner. Or maybe have you all over for dinner. I hope it gets better.