Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Saga of the Clothesline

For some reason I woke up this morning thinking of this and I knew that I had to put it to 'paper' immediately or I would loose it.  Enjoy!

The Saga of the Clothesline

I once had a clothesline
It was very fair
It stood out there regally
Drying my clothes in the air

But then came disaster
One snowy winter past
A tree fell upon it
And broke one fair mast

My husband was asked
To fix it with care
So he went out and fixed it
By suspending it again in air

But as soon as the laundry
Was hung out to dry
Again the injured pole fell
And I just wanted to cry

My laundry was dirty
Down in the mud
My husband's job didn't work
It was a dud

So I pleaded again
My fair prince to revive
This sad state of affairs
My laundry was waiting inside!

My laundry could not dry
In the machine every time
It doesn't smell as good
And it cost a pretty dime!

So a ladder was employed
And the sad post was leaned there
And once again the line
Was up in the air

It swayed dangerously
It creaked and it slipped
But it did the job, I guess
And there my clothes could drip

But there was a problem
With this method, you see
That meant the ladder was being used
for something other than scaling a tree

Or cleaning the gutters
Or entering the attic
And when we needed it
Elizabeth had to stand there and be static

She had to stand there and hold
The poor injured post
Because if it kept falling and standing
All would be lost

It would break off at the bottom
To never stand again
So holding the post Elizabeth stood
In cold or in hot, sun or in rain

She stood there bravely
The poor pole supporting
And she didn't like it
Especially in the morning

The there was the issue
Of cutting the grass
Without a weed eater
That grass did grow fast

And it grew up tall
All around the ladder and pole
And it grew up so high
That it could hide a mole

So my brave husband
This Monday last
Moved the ladder
And cut around that sagging mast

But Elizabeth is in Georgia
And couldn't do her duty
So the old post fell down
It was rusted right through(ty)

And it broke off completely
Right there at ground level
And when I saw my line on the ground
I started to snivel

Because now we are post-less
And the laundry is waiting
Right in the washer
Awaiting its hanging

But there's nowhere to hang
My laundry with care
I cannot suspend it
To dry in the air

So fair prince has been told
If he would like to wear undies
That are so very clean
And not really grungy

That a new post must be found
And installed post-haste
We really do need it
There's not a moment to waste

So we shall see
And I'll keep you posted
On the saga of the clothesline
And if hubby gets toasted

For a job well done
And carried out with care
So my clothes can flap
In the fresh spring air!


  1. Don't you think it would be good, nay, cool,
    If people had to always speak with rhyming as their tool?
    Before they spoke they'd have to stop and sort out all their thoughts,
    So many mean things would never be shared and as for quiet time-there'd be lots.
    The words we'd share would be well formed and our ears would have the time,
    To listen to what others had to say--It would be sublime!
    Less chat more thought,
    And bliss we will have caught.

  2. I wrote a haiku
    because I can't rhyme real well.
    I like your poem more!

  3. I'm sorry I didn't respond to your comments before, but they are great! Thanks!