Friday, April 1, 2011

Five Minute Friday

For the first time, I am linking up to Five Minute Fridays.

The rules?  Write for 5 minutes without stopping to edit or polish...just write.

The topic this week?  A few of my favorite things



If I had to list a few of my favorite things
I am afraid that my list would have no end
My list would start with fuzzy jammies with feet
And then continue on to snuggling with my hubby for a DVD treat.
I would have to list the goodies my oldest bakes
And not forget to mention the wonderful art my yougest daughter makes.
The baby has to fit in there, too,
With every giggle, smile and coo!

I love it when of an afternoon
The sun shines into my kitchen room
I love to look out said window and see
My children playing and shouting with glee
I love to cook on the stove and concoct
Food for my family that will definitely rock

I love my old old van so blue 
With the paint peeling, it's such a nice hue
But down the street I do love to lurch
Loaded with kids headed to church

Argh!  Time's up!

Let's see what I came up with...

Here's the button if you want to join!


  1. I just joined 5 Min Fridays a few weeks ago. :) I'm also a big fan of cooking and spending time in my kitchen.

  2. Welcome! I love your about me profile. have a busy household! We have no pets and no inlaws with us, but my house is loud and I love it that way!!

  3. You managed to pull off a rhyme in just FIVE MINUTES??? Impressive. And fun to read, too. Love these 5 minute Friday link-ups!

  4. Welcome to Five Minute Fridays! I just joined up a few weeks ago... love it.

    I salute you for making yours rhyme. That's no small feat. (and it is national poetry month, so... =))

  5. I'm impresed by the five minute poem as well! Cooking is one of my favorite things as well...