Friday, June 10, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Backwards

Today, as we cheer another week survived, I am happy to join in on

Five Minute Friday.

The Rules?  Write for 5 minutes without stopping to correct or edit.

The topic?  BACKWARDS!

There is a lot on my mind when I think of the word backwards as I sit here today.

First of all, this evening, after Gabriel fell and cracked his head on the piano and blood is dripping down his face and onto my shirt and when that finally subsided enough to even get a LOOK at the damage, and when I saw the huge gash on his forehead that looked fleshy and meaty and wide open and bloody, and he wasn't wearing any clothes, just undies and we shoved him in the car anyway to take him to the ER and the car in front of me seemed to be going


And as I think back over this week that has been so hot and the kids and my in-laws have been here in our house that doesn't have AC and I feel like we are going


And the time ticks and the clock moves ahead and I already miss my little babies everyday when I drive off to work and I want the clock to go


or at least stand still for a minute.

And when I see my little guy with his 5 stictches in his head and it is bloody and he doesn't even really seem to care but I do because he will have a scar and he is so little and he cried because the area wasn't totally numb where the last stitch went in and I want to make it not have happened by going


and preventing it.

But when I think of my children growing in the Godly man and women that they are meant to be and I see Elizabeth who earned her $500 all by herself and she's so proud because she is paying for her whole mission trip herself and I am so proud and little Jo is getting better and braver each day and I know that we have no choice but to hold on tightly to God's hand and ever so slightly just little by little let go of our children's hands and go


Because we as parents have been entrusted with the with the gift and responsibility of not only raising our children in how they should go, but also letting them go and fly the way that God wants them to go.


Wow!  That's it!  Time flies...let's see what fell out of my super tired happy to be home from the ER self!


  1. I love this and how you pieced everything together. (Found you via Gypsy Mama.) That last paragraph is the best. :)

  2. I try to hold on to every minute in my mind without holding the boys back from who they are supposed to be. I'm not sure I always succeed.