Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm Blessed and I Know It!

I wanted to link up to He Sows, She Sows yesterday to join her in her first linky party of being blessed, but I didn't get on the computer last night, and I just missed the link today, so I am writing the post anyway, but linking it with Top Ten Tuesday.

I have just recently posted about how very blessed I am, but today I want to get a little more specific about what it's all about.


Here it is!

I feel blessed because of these things:

1.  Gabriel's stitches have healed well.

2.  A great, fun cookout on Sunday for Father's Day.

3.  A few games of Uno together on our new couch...even Jo could play with us!  She pretty much understood the concept behind the game, so it was really fun!  (except she wanted to get MORE cards, not get rid of hers!)

4.  Fresh raspberries right off the bush in the back yard!

5.  Jo is getting along with her brother and minding her grandmother who is watching her.  These 2 things were big concerns for me and Jimmy when we moved the business out of the house and she got out of school.

6.  Elizabeth's last day of school is today and she has a fun filled summer coming up!

7.  Elizabeth had a great year this year in school despite all the misgivings Jimmy and I both had about her going to public middle school.

8.  The weather has been relatively cool these last 2 weeks!  Yay!

9.  Jimmy and I are getting off early today!

10.  We have decided to go ahead and fix the AC in our house after 5 years of nothing, and it's coming tomorrow! (And will only be used in extreme heat conditions, but will increase the value of our house and the quality of our lives here in hot humid Northern Virginia!) 

Yay!  What fun!  I feel better just writing and reading this list of fun blessings that have come to our family recently!

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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