Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ten Ways You Know It's Summer

So, it's not Tuesday, and I'm not sure that I'm going to link to Top Ten, but I wanted to put down my

Ten Ways You Know It's Summer 'Round Here:

1.  The wind chimes hanging from the ceiling fan cords start a'chiming when the fans start a'whirring

2.  There's a whir of window fans in every room.

3.  My neighbor mows his lawn every 5 (yes, count them...5) days, and prolly wishes we would mow ours more than every 5 weeks...

4.  The lightning bugs come out.  Yay!  Fun!

5.  The mosquitoes come out.  Boo!  NOT Fun!

6.  The kids need 2 baths a day just to keep them cool.

7.  The kids are going to bed before it's dark and getting up and the crack of dawn with the sun.

8.  When you're 7th in line for the shower, you don't worry about if there will be any hot water left.  You're more excited about how cold the water can get.

9.  The cats stay out all day and sometimes all night.

Oh, wait...I thought of another one...can I do 9.5?

9.5.   There are oval patched of smashed and slightly browning grass all over the front yard from the kiddie pool's various resting places.

and #10....Drum roll, please....

The Number 10 Way You Can Know It's Summer 'Round These Here Parts


10.  All the red-shorted European guys riding their bikes up and down Rt. 1 on their way to their summer life guard jobs.  Blonde haired...Tanned...Red shorts...White shirt...Backpack...Bicycle...You can't miss them.  Well, you kinds have to swerve to miss them sometimes...

And finally, just to add some Jo fun, I will share with you her quote of the day:

"Mommy, my foot is hungry.  Not the back of my foot, but right here, behind my toes."

Eh....why not. I'll like up with Oh Amanda's Top Ten. 

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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