Friday, June 3, 2011

Five Minute Friday - Everyday

Yay!  It's Five Minute Friday again!   AND I'M HERE ON FRIDAY!!!!  Double yay!

The rules?  Write for 5 minutes without stopping to edit or correct.

The topic?  The EveryDay



The EveryDay

The everyday is a splash of milk in the bowl of cereal, plopped down in front of the hungry child.  It's the packing of lunches the kissing of cheeks, the closing of doors on tiny faces already awaiting your return.

The everyday is a drive through traffic and a sit at a desk...a labor of love for the ones I love to give them the milk in their cereal and the peanut butter for their jelly.

The everyday is a drive back home through traffic, a negotiation through dinner and a trip up and down and up the road again to go from here to there and back again taking the cleats and their feet to soccer and buying more milk and peanut butter to go in the bowls and with the jelly.

The everyday is a pile of dishes in the sink and a pile of laundry in the basket...ok, on the floor.

But the everyday is what I live for and what I love.  The sticky jelly faces, the spilt milk, the cleats tracking mud, the stinky's what it's all about.

I would not change even one little thing about my


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  1. This reminds me of my house growning up!:) My mom was a full-time working mom, and the running from here to there with sports and activities-oh the memories! Thanks for sharing!