Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Top Ten Pics

I realized that I really have not put very many pictures on here recently, so today I am going to participate in Top Ten Tuesday, but with pictures.

I apologize in advance if you have seen some of these pictures before either here or on FaceBook, but they are my top ten of the pictures that I have taken recently.

So, without further ado, and to give all of you avid followers a break from my usual wordy tomes, here they are!

I love this pic because it looks like the glasses are cropped in, but their not.  Also, these are Jo's favorite PJ's.

Elizabeth enjoying her favorite past-time...reading!

Jo with her sweet new haircut and her second fav PJ's...if the others happen to be in the wash!

I love this picture!

Gabriel is learning the fine art of undressing himself.

Gabe's stitches...they came out today and are looking good!

This is a good blackmail pic for when Gabriel's in high school.  And there's Liz again...reading!

Jo getting the last peas before we pull up the plants.  They can't take the heat.  I must say that none of the peas ever made it to the table...they all got eaten right off the vine!

The beginning of our tomatoes.  We have actually already harvested some, but they didn't make it to the kitchen, either.

Elizabeth being rewarded for her hard work and being inducted into the Junior National Honor Society.  Way to go, Liz!
So, there you go!  Few words, 10 pictures!

I hope you enjoyed looking at it as much as I enjoy sharing it!

Top Ten {Tuesday}


  1. What fun!! Had to laugh at the "black mail" picture. :) And I'm sooo jealous you're getting tomatoes already!!!

  2. I wondered after seeing the pile of abandoned clothes if there was a n-ked baby bum coming up and you did not disappoint.