Thursday, June 2, 2011


So, I did it today!  I cut off my hair.  It was more than 12 inches that got donated by the time it was all done.  She kept saying, 'If I cut off 10, you are still going to have a lot of hair left' and I kept saying, 'Take it off!   I just want to be able to tie it back off my face!'
I went to The Kindest Cut in Springfield, and Casandra was the one who cut my hair.  She was new there and has only been doing hair for about 4 years, but she was so good!  I honestly felt like she cared about what she was doing.  I basically just told her that I was tired of the same old same old and that I didn't want bangs and didn't want it in my face but other than that, she could do what she wanted.  I was trusting my hair to a girl with 2 very large tattoos of women on her arm, each tattoo being way to large to even fit on my arm.  But she was awesome and I highly recommend her, if you ever go there. 

So, here it is!

Please, tell me what you think!!!!

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  1. And nobody has any comment? Rhhooo...
    This painting on the wall is very nice!