Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have a confession to make.

I am ashamed of myself and the way that I am in this area, but by admitting it, I think that I can continue to work on this area and slowly improve.

My confession is this:

I am not a good friend.

It is not intentional and I sincerely do not set out to be a bad friend, but inevitably, it happens that way.  I have the best intentions, but then, time passes and I will lose contact with a friend or go a long time without showing my friendship with them. 

And I am ashamed of this. 

I think that part of it is that I never really learned how to be a friend.  I honestly believe that it is something that you must learn and you must cultivate.  Maybe to some it comes naturally, but I think that even those who come by it naturally, it's really an ingrained culture if you will.

I mean, I think that Elizabeth is a good friend, but that is because since she was little, she has been around other kids of all ages and I encourage good friendmanship (that's actually a pretty good word!) in her; be honest, tell the truth gently, stick up for your friends, pay attention to them and their wants/needs/personalities and things like that. 

I, however, seemed to either have missed out on the friendship gene and/or never really learned the lesson on how to be a good friend.  Well, I guess I have figured out how to be a good friend, but it is just implementing it that seems to be a problem for me.

This is the 'round about way to say that for the last like million years, I have misplaced a certain very good friend of mine's birthday.

Yes, million years.

And yes, misplaced.

I don't forget it all together, you see, but I remember it and think about it for months in advance and then the day comes and goes and then when it hits my birthday, the little candle goes off in my head and there is some forehead slapping and some sheepish explanation and pleas for forgiveness and promises to not forget the next time and all that stuff and then BAM!  it happens again!

But not this year.

This year will not go unnoticed.

Because, you see, today, June 12, (well, that's the date this person will see this post) is the birthday of a very special someone. 

This someone has been a very important part of my life for years....ever since my Elizabeth was 4 years old! 

And even though I have only seen this person a couple of times, and even though this person and I never talk on the phone or even chat online, I know that this person and I are very best of friends. 

And my wish for this person's birthday, today, June 12, is that they would know just how very much they (and their Little Bear!) mean to me and my family.

And I send my hugs and my kisses to this person and their Little Bear every day, but this day in particular.

You know who you are!

Vous n'êtes jamais oubliée, mais toujours souvenu et aimé.

Joyeux anniversaire, mon ami!

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