Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Bag of Surprises!

When we received the box from France, we knew that inside the box, there was one gift for each child:  cute heart decorations for Elizabeth, really neat letters that spell out Jo's name for Jo (obviously!), super soft and flexible indoor shoes for Gabriel and an awesome sleeping bag for Jesse.

The bag is somewhat like the Halo bags that you can get to use with your newborn, but it is much thicker and much much larger.  It is the thickness of a comforter and has a zipper all the way down one side and around the bottom, snaps at the shoulders and long sleeves that can snap on and off.

And this sleeping bag has been the most fun!  Everyone wants in on it!  It fits Gabriel...barely, but it does, so he asks to wear it in the middle of the day when he (occasionally) takes his nap, but even when he gets up, he doesn't want to take it off!  He likes to sit in it on the floor or on the couch and chill out til he really wakes up, and even then, he tries to scoot around on the floor!  I don't let him, though, since it is not meant to do that and I don't want him to wear the 'knees' out.

I don't have a picture of Jesse using it because he uses it at night and sleeps snuggly in it and I don't want to wake him with the flash, and I keep forgetting to take one when he wakes!  

Jo keeps swearing that she can fit in it, too, even thought I kept telling her that she is too tall, and once when I wasn't looking, she tried it on!  I walked in to see her lying on the couch with it zipped up and pulled up as high as it could go around her waist.  It was too funny!  Mom, she said, you're right.  It doesn't fit me.  

And then, I saw this: 


So now, I must ask...

Do they make these things in larger sizes?