Monday, January 21, 2013

Mini Hands Make a Task Light

There has been something going around about how there is a 'contest' to clean out your house by getting rid of 2013 pieces of clutter in the year 2013.  While I do not want to take the time to count and keep up with how many pieces of clutter I am getting out of the house, nor do I want to try to figure out if the whole 25 piece playset counts as one piece or 25, I do think that it is a good idea to get rid of clutter.

My biggest problem with that is what to do with what I get rid of.  Every week we have about twice as much recycling as trash, and probably 1/3 of all our waste is put in the compost.  I feel guilty if I use a disposable diaper when I could use a cloth, and so it's just hard for me to get rid of stuff.  I want to be sure that it is going to the 'right' place.

I used to just take all my stuff to the thrift store on Rt 1, but then I realized that they were throwing a lot of stuff away!  I saw them just toss stuff from the collection bins directly into 2 huge dumpsters without even looking to see what was in the bags or boxes!  That really made me feel bad!

So, now I am on the lookout for what else to do with the stuff that I don't want or need anymore.  I found a good clothes closet for the outgrowns, I take our written materials to the library booksale, sell what I can on eBay or craigslist, and put a bunch of other stuff out on the lawn to be picked up by one of those trucks that comes around.

I figure that I did my best.  I am trying to be a good steward, but honestly, it was really driving me crazy to try to worry about each and every little thing that left the house!  At least I know that the clothes and books are in good hands, and I just have to let out of sight, out of mind take care of the rest.

It has been kind of exciting to be going through things and getting rid of them.  It is a sense of freedom to let go and make much needed space.  Plus, with my in-laws gone, I have so much more room to organize all the things that I have been holding on to in the hopes that one day I would have the space and time to use them with the kids.  You know, the craft things...punches, stickers, paints, buttons...things like that.

So, I have been working on the shelf in the dining room which has really gotten out of hand.  (Eek!  Don't bump it or you'll be buried!!!!)

And we have all been working on the girls' room as well as just general clean up.

It was actually kind of fun working all together.  We really should do it more often...or just keep the place neater and avoid the issue...

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