Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What You Don't Know...

When I mention that I am homeschooling, I always get asked if I am in any sort of support group or homeschool group.  I always say that I am not, because up until Saturday, I didn't think that I was.

Elizabeth did a wonderful job on her poetry reading on Saturday.  The artist was there and spoke about his pieces, and then the kids got to read the poems that they wrote that were inspired by the art. If you missed it, here's her poem.

Here's picture of Elizabeth and part of her group.  The lady at the far right is Mrs P, the one who organizes all the things that the kids learn and study.
But before I go any farther, let me tell you how it all started.

I started homeschooling Elizabeth last year in February.  I was still working full time, and we due to have the baby at any moment, but February was when the semester at her middle school ended, so it seemed like a good transition point.

After she got out of school, I was away all day and it was just my in-laws and Gabriel in the house since Jo still was in preschool, and Elizabeth needed something to do to help with the stay home transition.  So, when I saw a posting at the library for a teen book discussion, I got the book, which was Up From Slavery by Booker T Washington.  I assumed the book was chosen because February is Black History month, and Elizabeth read it and went to the group, which met on a Wednesday.  While she was there, the facilitator of the group, Mrs. P, invited Elizabeth to be a part of the outings that she organizes for every Thursday.

I was all for that, so Elizabeth started to go every Thursday.  I couldn't go with her because I still had to work, but this awesome friend from church agreed to go with her so she didn't have to ride the metro alone.

All this was wonderful and Elizabeth really seems to like the classes and learns a lot in them.

But as the book group went on, the book selections seemed to be very biased.  They all, or at least mostly, seemed to have to do with African American history or authors, and the discussions seemed to be very one-sided.  All of the other kids in the discussion group, and most of the kids in the DC enrichment group with the exception of Elizabeth and 2 other students are African American, so I just assumed that had something to do with it.  I even went as far as to tell Elizabeth that if she wanted, she could suggest a book pertaining to the Latino culture to round things out a bit.

So, when I got to the library on Saturday, I was not at all surprised to see that I was very out numbered.  My sister and her husband came to hear Elizabeth, and aside from us and one other boy who was participating, we were the only Caucasian people there.

I got a copy of the program and sat in the back so that Jesse would not be as distracting, and looked over the schedule of events.  At the bottom, this is what I saw: (sorry it's so blurry!)

Yes, Elizabeth belongs to Culture at Home:  An African American homeschool support group.

Well, then.  That explains things.  But also, now, when I am asked, I can proudly say, 'Why yes!  I am part of a homeschool support group!'  And honestly, I'm not sure I would choose another if I were to have to make a choice!

That being said, here's some cuteness that's been going on around here:

That's Baby B.  He's a new little guy that we are going to be watching every day.  It was a totally unexpected God thing.  We weren't looking to take on any more little people, and I'm sure his mom and dad weren't expecting to come across an answer to their childcare issue in the church nursery, but here we are and he is such a cutie!  And it is so fun to see him interact with Jo, Gabriel and Jesse.  He is about 2 months younger than Jesse.  They are quite jealous of each other!  When I pick one up, I'd better be ready with the other arm for the other one!  (Any hints on how to help that?)  But they still 'play' together following each other around on the floor and passing toys to each other, and Gabriel and Jo are really enjoying this new little playmate.

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