Thursday, January 31, 2013

Home Alone!!!!

Today was a big day for me.  Elizabeth was off in DC with her homeschool group (I still get a kick out of that one!) so that meant that I was home alone with all 4 of the little ones all by myself til she got back at about 2:30.  It really isn't bad, but since this is the first full week that we have had Baby B, and this is only the 3 day that we have had him full time, there has been some transition time for all of us.

For me, I think that the biggest transition has been that I have to set an alarm to get up now.  I have not had to use an alarm for years.  I used to not have to be at work til 9, and the kids got me up in plenty of time for that, and before that, I worked overnight, so I was up anyway when I went in, but now, I have to be ready for Baby B at 6, so I have to set my alarm so that I am up and ready for him then.  It actually makes me kind of nervous through out the night thinking about how the alarm is going to go off, and sharing the room with Gabriel and Jesse makes it worse because the last thing I want when I get up before dawn is to have 2 little people hanging on my while I am trying to pry my eyes open!

Also, of course, there is the getting used to Baby B and his temperament and schedule.  It seems that he is adapting well to the schedule that the rest of the kids have and pretty much sleeping when Jesse sleeps in the morning, and again when everyone sleeps in the afternoon.  That is perfect for me and seems to be working for him.  I didn't even do anything to make that happen, but I think he is just feeling the rhythm of the house.  And he doesn't cry much, which is good, too.  He's a pretty easy going little guy, so I can't complain.

I still have not taken them all anywhere other than out in the yard, of course, and on walks around the neighborhood, but next week is MOPS on Tuesday morning, and I don't want to miss that, so I guess that will be my trial run.

But actually, it hasn't been that bad being home every day.  I have gotten a lot more schoolwork done with Jo but I think that Elizabeth has gotten a bit less time in since she's been helping me.  But I think that will work itself out with some patience and practice as well.

Jo's handwriting is getting much better.  She has been doing copy work everyday.  I have her write her AWANA Bible verse.  This helps her memorize it, but also, since she has it memorized, I can ask her how you spell words that she can't necessarily read on her own, but then she realizes that she can read it through recognition.  It's been really fun to see her light up when she 'gets' it.  I also hit up the clearance bins at Michael's (70% off the red sticker prices!) and got her some more rubber stamps to add to her collection.  I think that she is happy to have something other than Christmas themes to work with.

  She got the marker tower and some Christmas stamps for Christmas, but she is so good and responsible with her things that I have let her use my Stampin' Up stamps and markers, too.  I figure that even if they get 'messed up' at least they are being used!

Gabriel was working on scissor work today:  Open 'em, close 'em.  Open 'em, close 'em... and he actually did pretty well.  He had been having a really hard time turning them the right way in his hand and making them work.  I think that when he saw the true power of the tool of destruction that I was placing in his hands, he caught on faster.

Who?  Me?  Destructive????  Never!

And then, of course, there was some random cuteness going on.  Jo is loving having another little one to take care of!!!!

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