Sunday, January 6, 2013

Something Fun

The Office Depot right up the street from us is having a huge sale on everything because it is going to be moving...even closer to us!  Yay!  I love Office Depot.  But anyway, that's not the something fun that this post is about.

Elizabeth and I go with some other ladies to something called Sisterhood at a nearby church, and I find it so uplifting.  They seem to think of every detail that they can possibly think of to bless us women one Thursday a month.  One of the things that they do is write scripture and messages on the mirrors in the bathroom so that as we wash our hands in the bathroom, instead of looking at ourselves, we see God's Word in front of us, filtering the image of ourselves that we see.  I love it.

So, when I saw these crayons on clearance sale at Office Depot, I just had to pick them up.

The crayons...not the cow.  The cow is part of our new awesomely unbreakable Nativity scene.

So now...

to employ our new crayons!

At the bottom of the stairs, we have this little nook of fun stuff:  we have a bulletin board where we hang anything the kids want to hang, a little whiteboard (yes with the manufacture picture still in it, but hey at least it's hung, right?) where we list the things that are to happen in the next few days, and a huge mirror that I like to tape things to and the kids like to watch themselves cry in when they are sent to time out on the stairs.

It's perfect for our new crayons!

Annie, our fifthchild (or is she the firstchild because she's a month or so older than Elizabeth?) was over tonight, and so I employed her artistic abilities to decorate our mirror.  She put some fun swirlies and then she put Jo's AWANA verses up!  What a great way for Jo to see her verses in action everyday while improving on her reading skills!  I am excited to see her excitement when she gets up in the morning.

What fun!!!!

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